At Eaxo, we want to create an oasis in scenic surroundings where artists can immerse themselves in their artistic practice while being a part of an inspiring community across practices and nationalities. Eaxo is an independent organisation. Eaxo is initiated and run by Agnes Aagaard Andersen and Jost. Agnes has a background as an urban planner. Jost is an experienced organizer of major events in the public space in Copenhagen.

The board contributes to the development of Eaxo and strengthens its professional quality. It is the board of Eaxo that allocates scholarships. The board is voluntary and consists of the following members:

Marie Ine Malberg
Masters degree art historian. She is specialised in the relationship between artists and gallerists, especially how this relationship affects artistic production. She has several years of experience in communicating and teaching art form her time at the art association Gl Strand and the KØS Museum of Art. In addition, Marie has experience with project management in the realm of artistic entrepreneurship as the founder of the digital art sales platform Plenum, as artist liaison in Art Nordic and as store manager of the Brigade Gallery.

Aske Aagaard Andersen
Owner of the gallery aaaa Nordhavn. The gallery exhibits national as well as international artists. He also has experience curating and managing the estate of Gunnar Aagaard Andersen.